Looking for a simple way to raise money in honor of your loved one, without the red tape and bureaucracy of setting up your own foundation?  The idea of starting your own foundation can be overwhelming — setting up a board of directors, creating a website, applying for a 501c3 status, accounting… The list goes on.

A Bravery Fund is Yours to Create:

A Bravery Fund is a simple way to honor a loved one’s bravery.

  • Perhaps your loved one was just diagnosed with a brain illness or disease and you are looking for a positive way to take action and provide support.
  • Perhaps your loved one fought a brave fight and you want to honor their memory.

When you start a Bravery Fund, we create your very own webpage to share your loved one’s story and provide a place for family and friends to give a gift online. We send all of your donors a thank you letter to show our gratitude on your behalf and to provide them with a letter for a 100% tax deduction since we are a 501c3.  We will also list them all on your page so they can feel the pride that comes from supporting your loved one!

It’s up to you.

You can be assured the money you raise will support the Be Brave for Life mission.

Bravery Funds:

In Memory of Halley Grabarz Monforte

Halley and Riley – October 2017

In Memory of Tracy Fauquier Truby

To learn more about setting up your own:

Please contact us at bebravefundraiser@gmail.com or call Laura Callen at 201-401-3575.