Benign Doesn't Always Mean Harmless

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Our mission is to inform, support and improve the lives of individuals affected by benign brain tumors and cerebrovascular disease. We’re spreading awareness about benign brain tumors and driving research for a cure. Together, we can create a brighter future for patients and families.

Riley's Story

After Riley’s third craniotomy, she decided to take control of an uncontrollable situation. Hear her story.

Improving Research

We identify and fund research with the potential to change diagnosis or treatment for those with benign brain tumors or cerebrovascular disease.

4th Annual Hike-A-Thon & Rise to Challenge Finale

REGISTER NOW: 4th Annual Hike-A-Thon is SATURDAY, SEPT. 29 from 9am-12pm at STRATTON Mountain.

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Surgery Is the Only Cure for Cerebral Cavernous Malformation (CCM), a vascular brain tumor.

While four decades of research into CCM has resulted in a greater understanding of the growth of these lesions, treatment options remain limited. Today, they CANNOT be directly treated with medicine. Without surgery, symptoms can only be managed or monitored. The risks of surgery are high. It can cause permanent neurological deficits, especially in the brainstem, and there is still a high chance of recurrence.

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  • Sep 29 Saturday

4th Annual Hike-A-Thon: Rise to the Challenge Finale

  • 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Participate in Rise to the Challenge, a fitness challenge to support brain tumor research, click here to learn more and to register. Even if you aren’t doing Rise to the Challenge, we’d love for you to attend the Finale Event, our 4th Annual Hike-A-Thon and Basket Bonanza at Stratton Mountain, VT on September 29, 2018!…

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Read about how we're working to find a cure for benign brain tumors and cerebrovascular disease.

Understanding Benign

I was the idiot that said, “Oh it’s benign? Thank God it’s not cancer!”. Helpful? No. Did it occur to me that maybe benign doesn’t always mean safer…easy…better…kind? No. Did it occur to you? Probably not. Unless you were the one sitting in the chair getting told your results by a concerned doctor. Guess what? …

August 28, 2018

Be Brave for Life Awards $150,000 in Micro-Grants, April 2018

Be Brave for Life is excited to announce that we just awarded $150,000 in Micro-Grants to 8 deserving benign brain tumor and cerebrovascular disease research initiatives

April 23, 2018