The Be Brave for Life Foundation’s work is made possible by the inspiring support of our people – our junior board, ambassadors, governing board, scientific advisory committee, interns, benign brain tumor and cerebrovascular disease families, partnerships and other generous supporters. Together, we are fighting for a cure for non-cancerous brain tumors and cavernous malformations!


Want to volunteer to help with one of our upcoming events? Send us an email at

Junior Board 

Our future will be determined by the young adults of today! This group of volunteers is involved in all aspects of the Foundation’s work, from organizing and running events to reviewing grant proposals to soliciting sponsorships and donations. To become a member of our Junior Board, volunteers must first become an ambassador. Learn more about these amazing young advocates.


The Be Brave For Life Foundation believes in the power of youth leadership and participation. With passion, creativity, and ingenuity, young people are changing the world. Our ambassadors are actively involved in creating, planning and running fundraising events. They are energetic, resourceful and caring individuals. We are so honored to have them on the Be Brave team!

Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Send us an email at

Governing Board

This group of volunteers provides oversight, ensures the Foundation has the resources to achieve its mission, and guides the policies of the Be Brave for Life Foundation. Leaders in their respective fields, they come from all walks of life – from the parents and grandparents of individuals with a brain tumor or cavernous malformation to school principals and finance executives. Each member brings a unique perspective, skill set and experience to the Foundation. Learn more about this special group of individuals leading the charge against non-cancerous brain tumors and cavernous malformations.

Scientific Advisory Committee

This group of volunteers is made up of an exclusive insight community of science and medical experts. Our members review all of our grant proposals and make recommendations.