Dillon Callen

Chairman of Junior Board, Founder/Creator of two major fundraising events, and Riley’s brother

Dillon is currently a senior at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, VT. When he is not playing lacrosse or snowboarding, he can be found on the golf course. His favorite subject in school is math and he is pretty good at it. He has been part of Be Brave for Life from the beginning and would do anything to find a cure for his older sister Riley. Dillon likes to get his friends involved with all aspects of the foundation, especially participating in the two events he created and runs: Golfing for a Cure, 100 Holes or More and The Applejack Be Brave Kickball Tourney.

Hannah Cyr

Board Member

Hannah is a currently a senior at Burr and Burton Academy and will graduate in 2022. She first heard about Be Brave from Riley’s brother Dillon, a fellow junior board member, in 7th grade. He advocated for Be Brave at the middle school they went to and she decided she wanted to become part of the organization and spread awareness. She first got involved with Be Brave for Life in the 8th grade and she wanted to take her involvement one step further, so in the summer of 2018 she joined the Junior Board. Hannah enjoys playing soccer, lacrosse, swimming and skiing. Her favorite subject is science and in the future she wants to go into the medical field. Hannah is grateful to be a part of Be Brave and she wants to continue to inform people and keep spreading awareness about benign brain tumors.

Perrin Marion

Board Member

Perrin is currently a senior at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, VT. She enjoys playing sports such as Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and Swim team. She joined Be Brave for Life as an Ambassador in 6th grade after hearing about Riley’s story, and really wanted to help out the organization. Perrin really wanted to make an impact and make people more aware about benign brain tumors. Later on she became a Junior Board Member for Be Brave, and hopes to really spread awareness about benign brain tumors and keep Be Brave going. Perrin was honored to get the service award at her 8th grade graduation due in part to her participation in Be Brave for Life.