Dillon Callen

Board Member, Founder of Two Events and Riley’s brother

Dillon is currently a sophomore at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, VT. When he is not playing lacrosse or snowboarding, he can be found on the golf course. His favorite subject in school is math and he is pretty good at it. He has been part of Be Brave for Life from the beginning and would do anything to find a cure for his older sister Riley. Dillon likes to get his friends involved with all aspects of the foundation, especially participating in the two events he created and runs: The Applejack Kickball Tournie and the Golf-A-Thon.

Hannah Callen

Co-Chair of Board and Riley’s twin sister

Hannah is currently a junior at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, VT where she plays on their field hockey and lacrosse teams. During the winter she spends all her free time snowboarding at Stratton Mountain where she is a member of their competition team and participates in slalom, giant slalom and boardercross. There’s no one that loves snow more than Hannah!  She has been a part of Be Brave from the beginning and her unbreakable bond as Riley’s twin sister makes her even more passionate about finding a cure.

Riley Callen

Founder, Co-Chair of Board, and CCM survivor

Riley is currently a junior at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, VT where she plays on their field hockey and lacrosse teams. She is finding it gratifying to watch her bank account grow! Riley founded Be Brave For Life in 2015 after having her third craniotomy.  To read more about her story, click here.

Carson Cutler

Board Member

Carson is a currently a junior at Burr and Burton Academy (BBA) and will graduate in 2021. You can often find him either playing golf or playing with the school band. He loves to listen to all kinds of music from the Grateful Dead to Rap. Carson loves to spend time with his family and friends whenever he can. Carson is involved with the BBA Ambassador program and has been doing that since his freshman year. Carson first met Riley the summer before freshman year at the Manchester Street Fest. That was also the first time Carson heard about Be Brave and helped with his first event. After that Carson was hooked and started to help with more events. One year later joined the Junior Board. He loves being able to get out and talk with others about this issue because his grandmother has a benign brain tumor as well. Carson explains that Be Brave is important to him because both Riley and his grandmother have had benign brain tumors, and he would do anything to help them.

Hannah Cyr

Board Member

Hannah is a currently a sophomore at Burr and Burton Academy and will graduate in 2022. She first head about Be Brave from Riley’s brother Dillon, a fellow junior board member, in 7th grade. He advocated for Be Brave at the middle school they went to and she decided she wanted to become part of the organization and spread awareness. She first got involved with Be Brave for Life in the 8th grade and she wanted to take her involvement one step further, so in the summer of 2018 she joined the Junior Board. Hannah enjoys playing soccer, lacrosse, swimming and skiing. Her favorite subject is science and in the future she wants to go into the medical field. Hannah is grateful to be a part of Be Brave and she wants to continue to inform people and keep spreading awareness about benign brain tumors.


Efremia Generalis

Board Member

Efremia is currently a junior at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, VT. She plays sports such as Field Hockey and Lacrosse. She also enjoys hiking with her friends. Efremia met Riley in 2015 on the Manchester Elementary and Middle School Field Hockey team and they became fast friends. She later became very interested in Be Brave, their mission and doing as much as she could to help her friend. She joined the junior board in the summer of 2018. Efremia loves that she is able to make the world a better place one fundraiser at a time.     

Perrin Marion

Board Member

Perrin is currently a sophomore at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, VT. She enjoys playing sports such as Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and Swim team. She joined Be Brave for Life as an Ambassador in 6th grade after hearing about Riley’s story, and really wanted to help out the organization. Perrin really wanted to make an impact and make people more aware about benign brain tumors. Later on she became a Junior Board Member for Be Brave, and hopes to really spread awareness about benign brain tumors and keep Be Brave going. Perrin was honored to get the service award at her 8th grade graduation due in part to her participation in Be Brave for Life.

Celsey McMahon

Board Member

Celsey is a student at Burr and Burton Academy and will graduate in 2021. She spends most of her time playing sports such as Lacrosse and Field Hockey. She also enjoys skiing with her friends. In her free time, Celsey loves to spend time with her friends and family. At BBA, she is also involved with Student Council and the BBA Ambassadors. Celsey met Riley in 6th grade while playing Lacrosse and she later became involved with Be Brave when they played Field Hockey together in the Fall of 2015. Celsey enjoyed helping others through Be Brave and wanted to do more. She soon became a Junior Board member in the Summer of 2017. Celsey loves being able to make an impact outside of Vermont and hopes to spread Be Brave as far as possible. Celsey wants to make more people aware of benign brain tumors and wants to continue to advance Be Braves message all across the country.

Molly Morrissey

Board Member

Molly is currently a student at Long Trail School in Dorset, VT. She enjoys playing lacrosse, golf, tennis, and skiing in the winter. Her favorite subjects include math, science, and English. After hearing about the Be Brave for Life Foundation, she was inspired and eager to get involved to help people with brain tumors. She loves being a part of the Be Brave family and has met so many caring people!