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Thank You 2018 Sponsors!

Below, you can see all of our supporters from 2018 so far.

Partner  – $10,000 and up

Callen Family


Mount Mansfield -$5,000-$9,999

Schermerhorn Family

Jay Peak – $2,500-$4,999

John and Lona Kissinger

Equinox – $1,000-$2,499

Jim Andalaro, Lauren and Marty Emmick, Susan Hunter, Lisa and Tom Joyce, Lisa Kelly, Chris and Amy Malisse, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health, Nicole and MJ O’Connell, Silverstein Family, Kathryn and Jeff Smith, George Whaling and Jane Wykoff


Camels Hump – $500-$999

Esthy and Jim Adler, Alfano Family, John and Posey Beer, Lori Chana, Sheila and William Childs, Austin Chinn, Richard and Joan Drury, Michael Dwyer, Jonathon Hacker, J. Crew Factory, Henne Family, Hill Family, Steve and Georgine Holman, Bob and Christa Hymans, Francis and Christie Jenkins, Ken and Judith Joy, Erin Kaufman and Mark Tashjian, Diane and Paul Kelly, Nancy Kimball, Mark Kutzin, Rocco Maggiotto and Kathleen Fisher, Doug and Bonnie McConnell, AJ Ragosta Family, Wendy Roberts, Sherilynn Stofka, Talbots, In honor of Tracy Fauquier Truby, Joseph Zabramski MD, Dr. and Mrs. Albert Zilkha

Haystack – $250-$499

Suzanne and Eric Adler, Jeanmarie Cannon, Billy and Lizzy Cronin, Geoff and Heidi Chamberlain, Anne and Steve Davenport, Gayle Engel, Robert Genkinger, Lora and Bobby Gray, Tom Gravina, Hayre Family, Ilsley Family, Jager Family, James Johnson and Alison Bellino, Lona Kissinger Designs, Tom and Robin Kissinger, Lamb Family, Mindy Lamprich, Laurie and Robert Marshall, McTaub Family, Gail and Don Myers, Jessica Paik, Elizabeth and Michael Paxson, Robert and Patricia Phillips, Pucciarello Family, Poppy Steckroth, Dan and Karen Proscia, John and Leida Rodenburg, Bruce and Bonnie Sawyer, Wallat Family, Caden, Beau, and Lilly Whaling, Jennifer Williams



Supporters – up to $249

Joe Ackiewicz, Ben Alexopoulos, Mike and JoAnn Alfano, Mary Allen, Amanda, American Hairlines, Anonymouse and his dog, Anonymous Santa, Apricot Lane, Aunt Terr, Bunny Babbit, Claire Babbit, Beth and Todd Baker, Collins Baker, Jeremy Baker, Murphy Baker, Baker Family, Kyle Bascom, Bass Co. Store, Dick Bartholomae, Mike and Marilyn Bellemere, Al and Barbara Bellino, Ben and Jerry’s, Erich and Connie Bender, Beth Berkowitz, Jeff Berkowitz, Jennifer C Bernstein, Annie Bessette, Art and Marie Bet, Bischoff Family, Amanda Blais, Theresa Bochichio, Richard and Patti Boerner, Bogue Family, Donna Bolotin, Paula Bouzaglou, Carrigan Boynton, John Bradley, John Breen, Brenner Family, Carol Brosseau, Bob Brown, Christy Brown, Dan Brown, Brownlee Family, Burr and Burton Academy, Burton Family, California Contingent, Susan Callen, Sarah and Tom Cavanagh, Lisa Cangelosi, Craig Cannon, Bree Carden, Karen Carr, Jana Carroll, Kit and Chip Chamberlain, Carrie Chapman, Christos, Riley Christy, Cindy and Matthew Clark, Sean and Mairead Clifford, Cody Family, Donna Cognato, Judith Cole, Irene and Chris Cole, Cooley’s, Corry’s, Cosmetic Laser, Bobby and Carolyn Crabtree, Crabtree and Evelyn, Amy Cram, Lena and Jeff Crandall, Alexa Cromwell, Damien Crowley, Peter Crowley, Jean Dabrowski, Abigail Daley, Mason Daring, Davey Family, Mo and Kim Davis, Sandy Davis, Thomas Deck and Debbie Henley, Greg Del George, Lynn and Derek DeLorenzo, Gloria DePaolo, Amy DesRoberts, Langdon DiMaggio, DiSciullo Family, Carol Donnelly, Patricia Doyle, Julie Drago, Cathy Dropkin, Alex Dropp, Stephen Drunsic and Christian Goff, Duddy Family, Durham Family, Judy Dye, Timothy Edborg, Cynthia Eisenstein, Engelkraut Family, Pamela Fairley, Farkas Family, Paul and Lynne Fear, Brian and Malcolm Feeney, Nancy Fertig, David and Lucille Festa, Fetzer Family, Kathleen Finn, Genevieve Foley, John Foster, Lauren Frija, Galatas Family, Frances Gallagher, Woody Garavente, Stacy and David Gates, David Georgas, Efremia Geralis, Heloisa Geralis, Maria Geralis, Gifted Nails, Holly Gilbert, Mike Giobbe, John Goeckel, Jane Green, Gringo Jacks, Kay Grusenski, Paige Gunning, William Hadden, Shelly and Paul Haley, Becky and John Halleron, Marilyn and Jim Hand, Heart of the Village Yoga, Fanning Hearon, John Hendrick, Peter Hershberg and Erin Ross, Maurie Hill, Melinda Hill, Todd Hill, Steve and Ginny Houseman, Hughes Family, Jenny Hung, Jan and Sharon Hoynacki, J.K.Adams, Lori and Peter Jarck, Carter Jasinski, Noah Kane, Kania Family, Mr. and Mrs. Karath, Jay Kennedy, Kiki, Donald and Maureen Kissinger, Peter and Kim Kowanko, Fred and Charleen Kreusch, Tom Kroeber, Cleo Kung, Krista Lamprich, Mumsy Lavino, Dianne Lawson, Leach Family, Michelle Lease, Jay Leech, Elizabeth Legatt, Anne Lemke, Martha and Jayme Leonard, Leunig’s Bistro, David Liebenstein, Maureen Lindsay, Liz and Family, LizzyB, Cindy Loudenslager and Gretchen Schmidt, Christie MacKenzie, Ellen Macnow, Manchester Eyecare, Lynn Mandel, Stephanie Mannarino, Maple Fields, F and J Marino, Skip and Nancy Martin, Massage by Raschid, Maurer Family, Gordan and Krista McClellan, McDonoughs, Louisa McGuirk, McIntyre Family, Mrs. McKenzie, Dave Memmott, Merck Forest, Patricia Meredity, Steve Messenger, Barb Miceli, Dave Miceli, Christine and Jo Miles, Jen and Mark Miocevich, Margaret Mithoefer, Zach Monforte in Halley’s Honor, Nina Mooney, Moore Family, Moran Family, Scott and Ann Morell, Jon Moreng, Dorothy Morgantini, George Morris, Marlynn Morrissey, Bill Muench, Tim Mullan, Beverly Mullen, Mulligan’s Restaurant, Myers Family, Mystic Cafe, Adam Nagler, Laura and Peter Nejes, Connie Nelso, Meg Nemlich, Moira North, Bethany North, O’Connors, Cameron O’Mara, Ellen Ogden, Richard and Margot Orr, Sondra and Ronald Papanek, Hogie and Karen Patnaude, Barry and Carole Patterson, Pendelton, Pereira Family, Robert and Janice Peretti, Brad and Sheri Peterson, Philly Peeps, Barbara Pierce, Tara Pollio, Shelly Pottala, Donna Powers, Jennifer Pryslak, Marlene and Nick Pryslak, Putney Family, Quartet of Chatham, Tom Ragland, Ana Rahona, Mr. Raimondo, Christine Readlinger, Reluctant Panther, Bryan Richheimer, Brad and Julie Ring, Phyllis Rock, Dana Roe, Romeo Family, Mairav Rothstein, Ron and Diana Rozgonyi, Sally and Mary, Sam’s Wood Fired, Alex Sands, Jeff Scafuro, Laura Carlough Scarr, Adria Schozer, Gloria Schreck, Erin Schreiner, Nancy Severance, Abhishek Shevade, Sally Simpson, Laura Sinacore, Sisters Giving Hope, Matt Smithwick, Kelsey Smith, Rebecca Sommons, Thomas Squeri, Kevin Stack, Amy Stark, Alan Stringer, Dorothy Stofka, David Stoll, Joyce and Robert Stoll, Rachel Stoll, Ally Stoodley, Justin, Kelley and Evan Strochlic, Kate and Mike Sullivan, John Swope, Russell Taxter, Jason Thomas, Vivian Thomas, MacLean Thuermer, Billie Jo Tifft, Rebecca Usadi and Sons, Van Raaphorst Family, Vermont Bracelet, Vermont Vacation Rentals, Vew-D0 Balance Boards, Patricia and David Vincent, Melissa Vitale, Vermont Country Store, Vermont License Plate Art, Walter and Mary Voytus, Alison and Pat Walsh, David Walton, Olivia Watanabe, Poppy Weber, Melissa Weeks, Matthew and Courtney Weir, Ben and Sanfra Weiss, Bruce Welsh, Loren West, Kevin and Bernard Whalen – in Memory of Troy Onink, Simon Wheatley, Nancy Wise, Andrew Wojtach, Sarah Wolfberg, Lisa Wood, Arden Woodsworth, Geoffrey Woodward, The Works Bagels, Alain Zilkha, Annette Zilkha, Katherine and Pat Zilkha, Zoey’s Double Hex and Tara Zumpano

Rise to the Challenge Participants

Cameron Adler, Chris Alfano, Mike Alfano, Suzanne Alfano, Michael Alfano, Tommy Alfano, Emily Asciutto, Jake Baker, Carrigan Boynton, Dillon Callen, Glenn Callen, Laura Callen, Jonathon Cangelosi, Craig Cannon, Riley Christy, Abby Crowley, Carson Cutler, Hannah Cyr, Anne Davidport, Will Davenport, Sandy Davis, Julia Fillion, Paige Flanagan, John Foster, Efremia Geralis, Danielle Hayre, Micah Hayre, Charlie Henne, Elizabeth Henne, Mike Henne, Maurie Hill, Sophie Jager, Tyler Jager, Noah Kane, Erin Kaufman and kids, Lisa Kelly, Brad Lamprich, Chloe MacDonald, Perrin Marion, Griff McClellan, Celsey McMahon, Barbara Miceli, Evangeline Morrison, Molly Morrissey, Jessica Paik and boys, Jennifer Pryslak, Henry Putney, Julie Ring, Dana Roe and girls, Tatum Sands, Maddie Semet, Claire Silverstein, Alexander Stefurak, Rachel Stoll and Family, Morgan Weber, Kyra Wheatley, Nancy Wise, Arden Wojtach, Annette Zilkha, Ava Zilkha

Silent Auction Supporters

Mike Alfano, Clifford Baldwin, Heather Baribault, Dawn Bourret, Paul Carroccio, Rosheen Carthy, Elizabeth Henne, Leonard Lee, Mary Meehan, Jodi Morrison, Margaret Roberto, David and Jen Thuermer, Katherine and Pat Zilkha

Thank You to Our 2017 Supporters

Below, you can see all of our supporters from 2017.

Partner  – $10,000 and up

Burton Snowboards, Callen Family, Robert & Carolyn Crabtree

Mount Mansfield -$5,000-$9,999

BTIG, Merck Forest and Farmland Center, Prudential, Marshall & Ann Schermerhorn, Donald Stott

Jay Peak – $2,500-$4,999

Bob & Priscilla Demont, Sarah Garay, Erin & Peter Hershberg, John & Lona Kissinger, Paul and Kathy Silvio, Stratton Mountain Resort

Equinox – $1,000-$2,499

Suzanne & Mike Alfano, John & Posey Beer, Al Borghi, Steve & Lauren Bryant, Tracy Chafe, Dwyer Family, Lauren & Marty Emmick, Express Copy, Ian Fitch, Michael & Michelle Flett, Carol Fortunato, Hartgers Jewelers, Hermitage Club, Holly Mirenda Designs, Terri Hathaway, Homestead Landscaping, Tom & Lisa Joyce, Bart Kraft, Mountain Goat, Linda Oskam, Strategic Family Wealth, Three Pairs Gallery, Tyler Electric, USA Snowboarding & Freestyle Association (USASA), Greg & Susie Voetsch,  Weatherization Works, Ginny Zeigler

Camels Hump – $500-$999

Jim Andaloro, Lori Chana, Reggie & Katie Cyr, Anne & Steve Davenport, Abby Gaynor, Gray Family, Kate Hill, Judith & Ken Joy, Kevin Kavanagh, Kimpton Taconic Hotel, Andrew & Topsy King, Alan & Nina Leist, John Lipani, Chris & Amy Malisse, Kay Manly, Gina & Marty McFadden, George Morris, Patricia Nelson, Nicole O’Connell, Omni Parker House-Boston, Karen & Dan Proscia, Steve Reiss, Rising Sun Maintenance, Wendy Roberts, Simi Singh, Elizabeth Wadsworth

Haystack – $250-$499

Mark & Deb Agostonelli, Fred & Gay Blaicher, Kathleen Bonner, Jeanmarie Cannon, Charlie Cavanagh, Tom & Sarah Cavanagh, Tina Carlstrom, Heidi & Geoff Chamberlain, Bill & Donna Charlton, Sheila & Bill Childs, Cindy Clark, Conigliaro Family, Bill & Lizzy Cronin, Ryan Daniher, Dorset Salon, Dorset Theatre Festival, Dorset Union Store, Steve Drunsic, Equinox Resort, Brian & Malcolm Feeney, Regina Feeney, Four Seasons Sotheby’s Vermont, Christina & Mark Forziati, Nancy & Tom Gravina, Golf Club at Equinox, Paul & Diane Kelly, Lana Hauben, Tricia Heaton, Hilton Burlington, Sharon & Stephen Hittman, Thomas Hughes, Raschid Joyce, H.N. Williams, Hotel Vermont, Paul & Diane Kelly, Kimpton Taconic Hotels, Clarissa & Russ Kivler, Tom & Stacy Kroeber, Cindy Loudenslager & Gretchen Schmidt, Jonathon & Leila Linen, David & Lisa Linton, Kevin & Sarah Lowe, Ruth & Malcolm MacPherson, Rocco Maggiotto & Kathleen Fisher, Thomas Mahoney, Colleen Markley, Laurie & Robert Marshall, Doug & Bonnie McConnell, James McGrath, Laurie & Robert Marshall, Bob & Nancy Morlino, Daron Morris, Ellen & Patrick Murray, Northshire Bookstore, Ben Nutter, Sally & Tom Ragland, Adele & Herman Raspe, R.K. Miles, Eric & Hannah Schermerhorn, Michael & Adria Schozer, Megan & Bo Thorn, Jennifer Thuermer, Artie & Chere Tournet, Tom Troy, Vermont Angler, Gina Vickers, Gary Wheeler, W.H. Shaw Insurance, Wildwood Berry Farm

Mount Aeolus – up to $249

Lynn Abramovic, Suzanne & Eric Adler, Robin & Tim Apps, Chip Ams III, Elena Atwill, Collins & Sam Baker, Mrs. Barrows, The Benders, Jak & Georgie Benardete, Amanda Blais, Blackbird Cake Design, John & Connie Blatchford, Howard & Emily Bogle, Richard & Patti Boerner, Susan Boynton & Ed Van Breen, Lisa & Mike Brand, Martha Brown, Kira Butera, Michael Calabrese, Donna & Gordan Calder, Courtney & Roger Callo, Kristen & Justus Cameron, Patti Campbell, Chip & Kit Chamberlain, Bill Cody, Melanie Cole, Lena & Jeff Crandall, Gretchen Danish, Mason Daring, Tom & Sharon Davidson, Pauline DeLazio & Brad Meyerson, Brian Dorst, Patricia Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. Driscoll, Cassandra Duck, Glenn & Kay Dunn, Bill & Beth Eyre, Pamela Fairley, Paul & Lynn Fear, Marcy Fenza, Bob & Connie Ferguson, Greg & Louise Ferrone, Ted Ferrarone, John & Dottie Ferrone, Willie & Tarra Ferrone, Colleen & Emmett Fiore, Mary Fitzpatrick, Lyman Foss, Fraternal Order of the Eagles, Susan French, Amanda Gagne, Philip Gilpin, Holly Gilligan, Mary Jo Gourd, Tom & Karen Grabher, Carol Gray, Jane Green, Jennifer Grigsby, Jeffrey & Fran Grossman, Sarah Hadden, Lisa & Darren Hadlock, Steven Hall, Jim & Marilyn Hand, John & Kimet Hand, Carmel Harney, Steve Harrington, Jamie Hathaway, Danielle & Micah Hayre, Deb Henley & Tom Deck, Elizabeth & Mike Henne, Heritage Family Credit Union, Jeffrey Herring, Meghan Hess, Ginny & Steve Houseman, Jay & Sharon Hoynacki, Kelly & Webber Hudson, Jenny Hung, Susan Hunter & Doug Watson, Ronda & Adam Ihasz, Karen Javello, James Johnston & Allison Bellino, Brian & Kerry Kaufmann, Chrisman Kearn, Margaret Kenny, Dricka & Walker Kimball, Dana & Ken Kingsley, Sis and Fred Kreusch, Corinne Knight, Christyne & Nicholas LaPlaca, Diane Lawson, Marcy & Jeff Leif, Martha & Jayme Leonard, Deana & Seth Linfield, Judith Livingston, Mary Lynch, Stephen & Liz Maeder, Esther Mackenzie, Mike Mallon, Tom & Suzie Maneggia, Lawrence Manley, Lynn Mann, Maplefields, Christopher & Heidi Marion, Rachel Mark, Jennifer & James Matthews, Krista & Gordan McClellan, Richard & Kristen McDonough, Greg & Joan McGinty, Arthur & Margo McKenna, Megan & Thom McMahon, Joseph McVicker, David Meiselman & Myra Packman, Dave & Barb Miceli, Christine & Joe Miles, William Moore, Scott & Ann Morell, Fran & Mao Moriarty, Meredith & Micheal Morin, Brett Morrison, Deb Moser, Beth & Jim Nagle, Sharon Neuner, Sherri Nowicki, Barbara & Joe O’Donnell, Marybeth & Mark O’Donnell, Susan & Barry O’Leary, Tina Olson, Cameron & Stephanie O’Mara, Margot & Richard Orr, Lorraine Ott, Robin & Frank Palmeri, Nan & Bill Paternotte, Barry & Carol Paterson, Merce & Thia Paton, Elizabeth & Michael Paxson, Helayne Pfeffer, Michael & Margi Picotte, Mandy Pyper, Shelly Pottala, Christine Readlinger, Pam Reed, Kenneth Reilly, Pat & Jen Robinson, Liz Ruffa, Diana & Ron Rozgonyi, Dr. Joseph Ruggiero & Howard Marcus, Jeff & Alex Sands, David Sands, Barry & Sally Schoenberg, Nancy Schwindt & David Barton, Mike Seely & Meg Mithoefer, Jean Sells, Nicole Sennett, Gary Schultz, Fran Sirak, Francis Spark, Mr. & Mrs. William Stearns, Marlene & Morton Stoll, Joesph Sullivan, Kate Sullivan, Alan Stringer, Amy & Scott Swinarton, Ted’s Barber Shop – Glenda, Anne & Scott Thompson, Bo & Megan Thorn, Jenn & David Thuermer, Kate & Joel Townsend, Paul and Susan Turnley, Alison Van Raaphorst, Carrie & Jeff Wallat, Karen Walsh, Maureen Walsh, Thomas Walsh, Paul & Susan Wheeler, Greta Whitten, Jay & Nancy Whitten, Nancy Wise, Kathy & Pat Zilka

Auction Winners

Jak & Georgie Benardete, Fred & Gay Blaicher, Craig & Gloria Callen, Carolyn & Robert Crabtree, Steve & Ann Davenport, Bob & Priscilla Demont, Meg Eichhorn, Terri Hathaway, Deb Henley & Tom Deck, Elizabeth & Mike Henne, Peter & Erin Hershberg, Paul & Lisa Kelly, Lisa Oskam, Michael & Margi Picotte, Pat Robinson, Veronica & Alan Silverstein, Amy Thebault, Megan Thorn, Paul & Susan Wheeler, Nancy & Charlie Wise, Kathy & Pat Zilka

Basket Bonanza, Silent & Live Auction Contributors

American Hairlines, Ann Taylor Loft, Battenkill Brittle, Burr & Burton Academy, Ben & Jerry’s of Manchester, Bennington Pizza, Ray Berumen, Boston Red Sox, Amanda Cagne, Chantecleer, Elaine Chila, Christos, Cottage Coastal, Dorset Farmer’s Market Vendors, Dorset Union Store, DuVine Tours, Eileen Fisher, Farmhouse Tap & Grill, Fire Tower Restaurant, Flower Brook Pottery, Gifted Nails, Gringo Jacks, Green Door Spa, Heart of the Village, Heinel’s, Hen of the Wood, ITVFest, J Crew – customers, J.K. Adams & their customers, Leunig’s Bistro, Manchester Eyecare, Manchester House of Pizza, Marble West Inn, Bill Mensch, Mettowee Mill Nursery, Mistrals at Tollgate, Mulligans, My Thirty One, New Balance – customers, New England Patriots, Lorraine Ott, Pet’s Etc., Kiernan Pojunis, Reluctant Panther, Robin Lane Clothes, Seventh Generation, Silver Fork Restaurant, Starbucks Manchester, Stratton Mountain Market & Deli/802, Sushi Boat, Ted’s Barber Shop, Thai Basil, Theory, Verde Restaurant, Vermont Country Store, Vermont Kitchen Supply Store -customers, Vew-do Balance Boards, Vineyard Vines – customers, Winhall Market, Nancy Wise, Zen Revolution, Zoey’s Deli

Thank You to Our 2016 Supporters

Below, you can see all of our supporters from 2016.

Partner – $5,000 and up

Craig & Gloria Callen, Glenn & Laura Callen, John & Lona Kissinger, Merck Forest & Farmland, Marshall & Ann Schermerhorn, Donald Stott, Matt & Jill Zames

Mount Mansfield – $1,000-$4,999

Borghi Family, Steve Silverstein & Anna Brodziak, Steve Bryant, John & Dorothy Caples Fund, Tracy Chafe, Davenport Family, Dwyer Family, Express Copy, Hermitage Club, Jeanmarie Cannon, Lauren & Marty Emmick, Fetzer Family, Shelly & Paul Haley, Holly Mirenda Designs, Bob Hymans, Kind Snacks, Mountain Goat, Honorable Bill & Barbara Richardson, Pete Santoro, Stratton Mountain Resort, Andrew Tarantino, Jim Rogers & Three Pears Gallery, Tyler Electric-Security, Vermont Country Store

Camels Hump – $500-$999

Alfano Family, Jim Andaloro, Jeanne & Ernest Bentsen, Bley Girls, Bogo Group, Thomas Campbell, Lori Chana, Bill Charlton, William Childs, Austin Chinn Jr., Tom Conigliaro, Dick & Joan Drury, Equinox Resort, Brian & Malcolm Feeney, Flett Family, Christina & Mark Forziati, George Hall, Henne Family, Hislop Family Foundation, Francis & Christie Jenkins, Peter & Linda Kenny, Ryan Kenny, Josiah Allen Realty, Judith Joy, Kevin Kavanagh, Kind Snacks, Thomas & Stacy Kroeber Lastrina, Langford Family, Lululemon Athletica, George Martin, Bill Muench & BBA, Matt Waite Excavation, McCaffrey Family, Doug & Bonny McConnell, In Memory of Patricia McGrath, George & Regina Morris, Northshire Bookstore, Proscia Family, Riddiford Family Fund, Rising Sun Maintenance, Anabelle Royster, Eric, Hannah & Gabriel Schermerhorn, Jim Sheldon Excavating, Fred & Jane Schlegel, Michelle Shehadi, Angi Silverstein, Singh Family, Peter Stone, Chris & Gina Vickers, Wildwood Berry Farm

Haystack – $250-$499

Charles Ams III, Barn Restaurant, Kathy Barrett, Ray Berumen, Bruce and Anne Birgbauer, Bley Girls, Emily Bogle, Charlie Cavanagh, Cindy & Matthew Clark, Cottage Coastal, Judith Cole, Jeff and Lena Crandall, Desmarais Family, Al & Chris Diguido, Discuillo Family, Dorset Salon, Dave & Pam Driscoll, Equinox Golf Club, Kathleen and Peter Feeney, Regina and Bernard Feeney, Kimberly Fenton, Follender Werks, Guimond Family, Green Peak Elements, Heart of the Village, Patricia Heaton, H.N. Williams Store, Inn at West View Farm, King Family, Alan Leist, Markley Family, Laurie & Robert Marshall, McClintock Family, McNamara Family, Mettowee Mill, Scott Morrell, Deb & John Moser, Mountain Riders, Lucyann Murray, O’Connell Family, Chris & Donna Ott, Pappas Family Fund, Pat & Bob Phillips, Peters Family, RK Miles, Claire Silverstein, David Silverstein, Christopher & Sandy Sula, Jeff & Betty Swift, Tex, Edward Weissman & Steve Smith, Thompson Family, Vermont Pest Control, WH Shaw Insurance Agency


Abacus Automation, Abacus Employees, Mark Agostinelli, Adam Allam, Courtney Allen, Karen Allen, Mary Allen, Alatakis Family, Paula Alvary, Mr. & Mrs. Amoruso, Deanna Aull, Aunt Ay!, Robert & Joyce Beaber, Brad & Amy Ball, Ballou’s, Jonathon Barrows, Darri & Howie Beach, Mike Bellemare, Connie and Erich Bender, Raven & Merrill Bennett, Dana Berkowitz, Marie & Artie Bet, Berkson Family, Bill & Davenie, Fran Bisselle, Richard & Patti Boerner, William & Myra Borchard, Anna & William Boardman, Cara Bonong, Stacy Bonang, Ann & Kent Bonney, Gabriel Boshart, Jessica & Justin Boyd, Ashley Brewer, Dan Brown, Brown Family, Ward Burian, Van Burken, Jill Burke, Courtney Campbell, Craig Cannon, Cappadona Family, Christine Carlson, Carney Family, Marita Carroll, Tina & Brian Carlstrom, Dan & Sandy Casey, Tom Cavanagh, Nick Chen, Cheryl and family, Sheila Childs, Julie Citron, Linda & PJ Clarke, Jenny Clauss, James & Marie Ann Clement, Karen Clement, Kelly Clement, Michelle Clement, Clifford Family, Laurae Coburn, Cody Family, Kathy Coe, Susie & Bill Cooley, David & Barbara Coleman, Maureen Connolly, Carrie Conte, Melanie Corpuz, Linda & Paul Corbin, Tom & Linda Costello, Susan Cottrell, Amy Crane, Mam Cregle, Roger & Deb Cregle, Bill Cronin, Stephen Crowley, Amelia Cummings, Mason Daring, Ann Devine, Sylvie Djian, Kathy N Dorsey, Shannon Dorsey, Brian Dorst, Elysia Doty, Riley Druhot, Jean Drum, Chris Dussault, Diane Fell, Betsy Discuillo, Elaine Ferrara, Maeve Fiske, Follender Works, John & Jane Harris, Carole Ethridge, Richard & Elizabeth Evans, Paul & Lynn Fear, Fennimores, Ellen Fisher, Trish & John Gallagher Family, Joseph Gagliano, Larry & Phyllis Galinkin, Giering Family,William Giesey, Mike Giobbe, Kim Godeffe & Chris Candib, Jane & Dave Grewcock, Buckeley & Lila Griswold, Gundeck-Fingerhuts, Hank & Judy Frothingham, Furphey Family, Diane Federico, Myra Fetzer, Galatas Family, Woody Garavante, James Gedney, Rachel Gerstein, John Goeckel, Shelley Goldfarb, Denise Goodwin, Rob Goralnick, Mary J. Gourd, Elizabeth Grabher, Huron St. Grabhers, Clifton Gray, Lora & Bobby Gray, Wendy Gurdjian, GVH, Haberman Family, Emma Hall, Jacqueline Hall, Steve Hall and family, Jeanne & Tim Hanlon, Haid Family, Kathy & Bill Harm, Lynn Heft, Beth Holden, Holly & Dan, Jen Horrocks, Sharon Howard, Jay and Sharon Hoynacki, Gene & Denise Humphrey, Ivan, Flynittas, Kacy, Grandma Lou & Grandpa Fudge, Charlotte & Neil Jacobson, Deke Jamieson, Nina Javello, Majae Jeannette, Whitney Kaaz, Kayne Family, Grandpa Kaaz, Jean Keegan, Blane Kelly, Helen Kendall, Mary Kelly, Kiefers, Jennifer Kiernan, Karsen Kimball, Don & Maureen Kissinger, Kathy Knezovic, Corinne Knight, Jean Knight, Karen Knight, Charleen & Fred Kreusch, Langford Family, Alexandra Langstaff, Diane Laron, Emma Leclerc, Arthur & Carol Ann Lemkau, Lisa Levine, Kathryn Lijoi, Patrick & Amy Lindqvist, Lyn Bet Lish, Thomas Logio, Kristen & Joe Luzi, Lisa & Joe Madeira, Mike Mahoney, Lynn & Paul Mann, Nechole Mann, Mike & Kristen Mara, Rebecca Marion, Nancy Mark, Mary Martin, Wayne & Noreeta Martin, Fran & Steve Matson, Talia Matz, Lenny Maz, Paula Mcaleer, Barbara McCann, Craig McGinley, Janet McGinley, McGuckin’s, Tom & Lori McHugh, Katy McNabb & Terry Dorsey, Robbie Meijer, Patty & Bob Mendelsohn, Joyce Merrow, Todd & Sasha Miller, Mimi Mirenda, Bibit Morgan, Kim Montello, Leah Montello, Moosa & Crookshanks, Eva Morin, Thomas Muench, Don & Sharon Myers, Nano & GPW, Bruce & Nancy Nash, Wendy Neal, Mrs. Nicholson, Nichole & Mike, Gabby Neuner, Allie Nowicki, Ben Nutter, Cheryl & Jim O’Connor, Maddie O’Donnell, Marybeth O’Donnell, Sarah & John O’Keefe, Tina Olson, Orvis, Lorraine Ott, Paula Pallodino, Lauren Pan, Sophia Paparo, CPT David G. Parent Ret, Elaine Parker, Chris & Jen Paternotte, Pelkey Girls, Robert & Janice Peretti, Peterson-Greco Family, Hillary Pincoske, Lafe Potala, Douglas Poling, Nancy Pothier, Rf/V/E,  Raunick Family, Cathy Relyea, Mrs. Rice, Daniel Rickershauser, Robert Riddell, Beth Ripp, Allie Roberts, P-Funk, Paul & Cindy Roberts, Mark Roberts and Toni, Laura Robinson, Ruffa Family, Ryan Family, Erin Rymer, Jen Samuelson, Drane Sanders, Katherine Sanders, Martha Sanders, Timothy Scarpa, Rachel Schermerhorn, Scoggin Family, Jean Sells, Caroline Sennett, Sennett Family, Gina Bet Sciubba, Seymours, Sheehan Family, Aaron Silverstein, Amy & Barry Silverman, Smart Family, James Smith, Todd Smith, Smith Family, Bethanne Souza, Gretchen Sprafke, Jane & Ray Sprafke, Kevin Stack, Joseph Stella, Deb, Gary & Cooper Stine, Kelly Stork, Jean Storm, Alan Stringer, Catherine Sullivan, Jeremy Sullivan, Rachel Tegen, Tegen Family, Sarah Templeton, Kimberly Tenner, Ricky & Belinda Thomas, Jenn Thuermer, Michael Tomaro, Rita Tomaro, William & Nancy Trachsel, Troys, Turbo & his women, Jessica Turner, Myra Tysoe, Uncle Matt, Carrie Wallat, Olivia Whyte, Wicky, Carol & David Wister, Witko Family, Greta Whitten, Jay & Nancy Whitten, Karen Wittmer, Nadine Van Houten, Uncle Ed & Aunt Katy, Nina Valmonte, Chris Vanderzyden, Van Rasphorst Family, Dawn Victoria, Patricia & David Vincent, Ellen Voth, Mel & Mary Sue Voth, Ethan, Aryeh Walter, Jay Weinkam, Loren Kalish West, Marcus & Lila Wetzel, Scott & Liz Wilson, Arden Wojtach, Wojtachs, Ethan Woods, Woods Family, Mary Quigley, Richard Zens, Jr. Zilka Family, Glenda Zimmer, Paul Zimmerman

Basket Bonanza Contributor

American Hairlines, Ann Taylor Factory Store, Bagel Works, Bass & Co., Battenkill Brittle, Ben & Jerry’s, Amanda Blais, Jenny Bischoff, Christian Book Distributors, Christos, Cosmetic Laser, Crabtree & Evelyn, Dorset Farmer’s Market Vendors, Dorset Inn, Dorset Playhouse, Dorset Union Store, Eileen Fisher, Flower brook Pottery, Amanda Gagne, Gifted Nails, Grandma Miller’s, Gringo Jacks, GVH, Heinel’s Clothier, Eastern Mountain Sports, JK Adams, Kitchen Collection, J Crew, Raschid Joyce, Lake’s Lampshades, Long Ago & Far Away, Manchester Eye Care, Manchester House of Pizza, Tim McGraw, Mela Artisans, Mulligans, My Thirty One, New Balance, Norwex, NYDJ, Olive and Ives, Olympia Sports, Pendleton, Pets Etc., Potters of Vermont, Quartet of Chatham, Seventh Generation, Starbucks, Stowe Mountain Resort, Sushi Boat, Thai Basil, Theory, TM Ward, Tony’s/Grandma’s Pizza, Vasque, Vermont Country Store, Vermont Teddy Bear Co. Vewdo Boards, Vineyard Vines, Tristan Wandzy, TM Ward, Winhall Market, Sarah Witter, Wood Fired Pizza

Thank You to Our 2015 Supporters

Below, you can see all of our supporters from 2015.

Mount Mansfield – $1,000 and up

Bley Family Girls, Bob’s Diner, Callen Family, Craig & Gloria Callen, Diane Forester, Davenport Family, Dwyer Family, Engineered Printing Solutions, JCrew Manchester, John & Lona Kissinger Family, Joseph Debonis Esq, MEMS Field Hockey, O’Connell Family, Olivia Shehadi, Orvis, Paradise, Ragosta Family, Stratton Mountain Resort, Tyler Electric-Security, Inc.

Camels Hump – $500-$999

Abby Marsh Designs, Above All Vermont, Addison & Kate Hill, Barn Restaurant, Bogo Group, Brian & Malcolm Feeney, Chatham 7th Graders, Chris & Gina Vickers, Cindy & Matthew Clark, Collins & Mackenzie, Darla J. Belevich, Delfavero Family, Dorset Playhouse, Duffield Family, Earth & Sea, Inc., Equinox Resort, Express Copy, Galietto Family, Grace & CC Langford, Holly Mirenda Designs, Hymans Family, Johannes the Hat Man, Josiah Allen Real Estate, Kivler Family, Larry & Mary Manley, Linton Family, Matt Waite Excavation, McCaffrey Family, McClintock Family, Mountain Riders, Nancy & Bob Morlino, Peter & Linda Kenny, Peter J Walsh, Santoro Family, Tim Heekin,  Tom & Stacy Kroeber, Troy Family, Vermont Country Store

Haystack $250-$499

Alfano Family, Anne & Terry Clark, Aunt Rister, Bill & Davenie, Boston Tea & Coffee Co., Chris & Tammy Bruno, Connie & Erich Bender, Cottage Coastal, Danaher Floor Restoration, Dave & Becky Shehadi, Discount Beverages, Dorset Union Store, Doty Family, Firefly Restaurant, Geoff & Heidi Chamberlain, George & Steve Holman, Ginger Gregory, Hassan Family, Heart of the Village, Heinels, HN Williams Store, Inn at West View Farm,  Joan Fader, Joy~All Things Underthings, Lamb Family, Long Trail Engineering, Long Trail School, Lisa Burke, Lucyann Murray, Meridith Dennes, Merrill Bennett, Mettowee Mill, Michael & Madeleine Saraceni, Peter Hershberg & Erin Ross, Proscia Family, Pucciarello Family, Rising Sun Maintenance, Inc., RK Miles, Robin Lane Clothes, Ryley Ameden/First Tracks Marketing, Sarah Shehadi, Silverstein Family, Spiegelman Family, Steven & Rori Reiss, Susan & Marc Kutzin, Theresa Lowry, Vermont Eco-Floors, Village Crimper, Waldele Family, Wallat Family, William & Katrina Hancock, Zames Family


We apologize if we inadvertently missed your name. We appreciate everyone’s generosity and commitment to the Be Brave for Life Foundation.