Spotlight Nominee: Bill Muench


Nominee: Bill Muench
Nominator: Noah Kane
Date of Nomination: 9/1/16

Description of Bravery!

I nominate Bill Muench as Brave for Life!  Bill Muench was a fellow teacher and a good friend to Brian Gawlik who passed away seven years ago. Brian was the beloved head of Burr and Burton Academy’s cinematography class at the time. Bill had worked with Brian on occasional film and news projects but knew little on how to teach the subject. Nevertheless, Bill made the decision to take over as the head of the cinematography program following Brian’s death. This was new for him and there was potential for everything to fail. But Bill worked and worked and for the past 7 years he has carried on the legacy of Brian Gawlik. Cinematography is the most popular class at Burr and Burton Academy and each year the annual “Gawlik Awards” (An academy awards type show in memory of Brian) gets better and better. As a filmmaker myself this cinematography program has given me the tools and inspiration to carry out my creative vision, and Bill has become a close teacher, mentor, and friend. – Noah Kane

Bravery is taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone.

Bill Muench

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