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Do you know someone:
* Who has faced an illness with courage and positivity?
* Stands up for what they believe in – despite the risks?
* Acts, not without fear, but in spite of it?

Nominate them!

#BEBRAVEFORLIFE is about celebrating real life heroes by creating a community around bravery.  Bravery is a powerful force that keeps the world turning because it brings confidence, change, and hope. We all know brave individuals that we admire. Bravery has many faces: a selfless caregiver, civil servant, teacher, health care professional, loved one fighting a serious illness or living with a disability, a person who takes a stand against an act of injustice or intolerance, a recovering addict, just to name a few.  We need your help!  We are looking for individuals who are courageous and positive while inspiring others to be the same way. If you know someone who deserves recognition, nominate them using this form.

All deserving nominees will be posted on our “Brave For Life” online wall and receive a certificate honoring their bravery.  We will select unique individuals throughout the year to spotlight, share their story and celebrate their bravery.  Annually, two nominees will receive grants up to $1,000 for the charity of their choice.


  • Tell us a little about your nominee!

  • Explain how your nominee exemplified the virtue of bravery

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A minimum donation of $25 in support of our Be Brave For Life mission (which is to honor bravery while we inform, support and improve the lives of individuals affected by benign brain tumors and drive research for a cure) would be greatly apreciated!

Be Brave Inc., is a 501c3 non-profit charity.

Through this nomination, you give Be Brave, Inc. permission to use, publish and reproduce the information provided.

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