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Sample Fundraising Letter

Sample Fundraising Letter

Directions: Feel free to copy and paste this letter into each of your prospective sponsor’s emails.

The Sample Letter:


Dear (recipients name),

This is the Be Brave For Life Foundation’s third year working towards raising awareness and fundraising for benign brain tumor and cerebrovascular disease research. We will be able to reach our 2017 goal of $200,000 with generous support from people like you!

Since our founding in 2015, we have raised over $350,000 and truly make a difference in the lives of individuals suffering from brain tumors. In the past two years the  Be Brave For Life Hike-A-Thon and Basket Bonanza have been wildly successful with over 500+ registrants hiking throughout Merck Forest in Rupert, VT each year.  Since we are a 501c3 non-profit charity, any donations we receive are fully tax deductible. We at Be Brave For Life could not be prouder of what we have achieved thus far, and we could not be more excited about our future!

I am taking part in the BE BRAVE FOR LIFE Hike-A-Thon on Sunday, October 1st at Merck Forest in Rupert, Vermont, and I am hoping that you will support my quest. I am taking a stand against brain tumors and the damage they can cause, and I am asking you to do the same by making a simple donation to (insert your the URL for your fundraiser page here).

Please view the latest Be Brave For Life Video and check out the website at www.bebrave.life to learn more! Founder Riley Callen, the BE BRAVE FOR LIFE team, and I thank you for your time and generosity.


(Your Name)


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